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Dually "mini"

We are very excited about the newest addition to the dually line of Earscopes. The Earscopes Dually "mini" This unique and powerful BTE is totally Amazing!



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Hunting Season "Is Here"

Once again we have come to that time of the year that we all have been waiting for, and a familiar story will be repeated this year as it has for many years past. They are sad but true, here are a few quotes...

"I fired one shot and my ears are still ringing"


"My buddy fired his gun close to me and I haven't heard well out of this ear since"


"I can't believe that Buck was so close to me and I did not hear it"

These statements and many others similar to them will be repeated by hundreds if not thousands of hunters this season. Hearing loss in most cases is preventable! I understand that being able to hear in the field is important, but protecting your hearing should be the most important!





Welcome to A New Way Of Hearing


Its not "Urban Legend" that most shooters have hearing loss! its the Hard Truth! You do everything right to protect your hearing during practice and  sighting  in.... but what do you do when you are hunting? Earscopes will provide you with a level of hearing and comfort never imagined!          


Why Earscopes?    

Imagine hearing that buck at distances you never knew existed? Imagine hearing that

Gobbler and knowing exactly what direction he is coming from? Imagine being in the duck blind and not having to worry about your hearing from unprotected gunfire?

These are just a few of the stories that I hear everyday from Earscopes users. Earscopes were designed to help shooters and hunters hear the way they want to, as well as protect one of their most valuable natural resources Their Hearing! In this site you will learn about Earscopes and the benefits of wearing them while hunting and shooting!

"While hunting quail on horseback I could hear quail running through the grass in front of the dogs".... B.W.
"I could hear soft spoken voices at over 60 ft"... T.B.
"My biggest concern was other shooters gunfire in the duck blind, now I don't worry with Earscopes"... W.T.
"I purchased Earscopes to be able to hear the trap launch, I could even hear them loading!!"... F.M.

Earscopes Features....

  • Protects your hearing:  Using "state of the art" hearing aid technology, our digital circuits are Pre-programmed to automatically shut down during gunfire or any other "loud noise" situation. Combined with our exclusively custom made shell, Earscopes offer a very high noise reduction rating.
  • Corrects your hearing:  Earscopes will change the way you hear! We can program the digital circuitry in your Earscopes to correct your hearing in certain frequency areas. This will allow you to hear surrounding sounds with more clarity than you are use to. We offer programming on most of our digital Earscopes as an option. A current audiogram is required from a hearing health care professional.
  • Enhances your hearing:  Earscopes are not just "cheap amplifiers". Earscopes comes equipped  with a volume control  that allows you to increase or decrease your hearing level. The volume wheel gives you the ability to hear your surroundings up to 5x louder than you would normally hear. Along with the individual programming  and any other options that you may choose, Earscopes will give you years of service.


Earscopes Advanced Technology

  • Digital Hearing Aid Circuitry: Our lab can program your Earscopes' digital circuits to fit your specific listening requirements.
  • Dual microphones available: A toggle switch lets you select between Directional mode (focus on the sounds in front of you), and Omni- Directional mode (focus on the sounds around you).
  • Memory situation programs: Memories are pre-programmed response settings for you to choose at anytime depending upon your listening requirement such as Hunting orTarget shooting.
  • Feedback sensors: Stops annoying feed back in all Earscopes
  • Service second to None!: Our number one goal is our customers complete satisfaction. 
  • Tactical Configurations: Allows you the ability to listen to your radio communications while wearing Earscopes
  • State of the Art manufacturing facilities:  Bringing our customers the latest in cutting edge technology. our professional Craftsmen and Techs take pride in their work. Earscopes are the best of the best.


  • Earscopes Custom:
  • Earscopes II:
  • Earscopes Dually:

   Let us know which Earscopes are best for you!

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